It Started With Passion

The Bairn Foundation was started with a passion for helping couples start their families in the face of adversity. Our founder recognized that there are people, couples and families around the U.S., that aren't able to have children through traditional methods. For many individuals and couples surrogacy is the only option to start a family from their family heritage. The challenge is making it happen and affording the journey through surrogacy. With a connection to the problem, our founder started the Bairn Foundation. 

The Challenge

Surrogacy is estimated by agencies and other non-profits to cost anywhere from $60,000 to over $100,000. While we know having a baby is never free, the process of finding a surrogate, navigating the legal system (different in every state) and realizing the dream of having a child from your family lines is a significant commitment emotionally and financially. For many couples this challenge is not a choice, but a part of their life journey. Whether you are a man and a woman who can't conceive, a lesbian, gay or transgender couple, or a single individual that has made the choice to become a parent, surrogacy makes it possible to start the family you have always envisioned. 

Our Mission

In short: We create families. Our passion and drive as a non-profit is to raise money to help start the next generation of teachers, lawyers, doctors, charitable workers and more. Our mission is simple: Bring financial aid to people who are unable to have children on their own and cannot afford to make their dreams come true without support, kindness and generosity of our fellow Americans. Be sure to visit our FAQs to learn more about the Bairn Foundation, the Surrogacy Fund™ and how we create families. 


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