What is the Bairn Foundation?

The Bairn Foundation is a charitable organization established to provide financial assistance to people embarking or already on the journey to building their dream family through Surrogacy.

How do you provide assistance?

Our mission is to raise tax-exempt charitable funds to be distributed to applicants that apply and are accepted to the Bairn Foundation Surrogacy Fund.

I haven’t heard of the Bairn Foundation, treat are you a new charity?

Yes, we incorporated at the start of 2015 with a mission to answer a little served area of family and child assistance. We are incorporated as a non-profit corporation in Colorado and have been granted our 501c3 status with the U.S. Government in September 2015.

If you are new, how do you plan to help people with their surrogacy process?

Our goal is to create awarness and start raising funds to help individuals and couples with their surrogacy journey. In 2017, we plan on driving more events to build our funding and open an application process for the Surrogacy Fund™. Then in latter half 2017 we hope to have generated enough funds to start making our first distributions of financial aid.

How much will an applicant be able to receive?

The total amount will depend on the total funds the foundation is able to raise each year and the number of applicants. In the early years, we anticipate providing a smaller amount of assistance in each distribution in order to help more families—similar to a scholarship for education. In future years the Foundation’s goal is to grow the level of aid given to each recipient while also growing the number of people we help.

What are the application requirements?

The Bairn Foundation will have a complete application and application guide in 2017. The general eligibility requirements will a commitment that you are starting or in process with having a child through surrogacy, passing a background check and filling out the Surrogacy Fund™ application.

How can I be sure my donation gets used appropriately?

As a registered Non-Profit in Colorado and with the Federal Government, we are committed to raising money to aid those on their journey through surrogacy. All donations will be taken in via Paypal or GoFundMe to start our fundraising efforts. Both require proof of the 501c3 status before they will release the funds to the organization. This is just one of many ways we are protecting your donations and making sure they go to the right place.

What is your expense ratio?

Our commitment to all our supports, donors, prospective parents, family and friends is to shoot for the highest grade with charity watch dog groups. Current groups, like CharityNavigator.org and CharityWatch.org, say most charities with a satisfactory rating spend 65% of raised funds on programs. Highly efficient charities spend 75% or great. Our goal and mission is to be highly efficient from Day One with low overhead and the maximum amount possible going to our cause – helping families realize the dream of having children. For the first year, we commit to at least 75% of our donations raised going to families that apply to the Surrogacy Fund™.

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