What Is It?

The Surrogacy Fund™ is the first objective for the Bairn Foundation. The money that we raise through donations, events, merchandise and sponsorship will be allocated to the Surrogacy Fund™. 

How To Apply

The Application to apply for the Surrogacy Fund™ will be available to prospective parents looking to start their family through Surrogacy. The application will be required to qualify for the distribution of funds from the Bairn Foundation. Stay tuned for more information as we start our journey to fund the foundation and make it possible to make people's dreams of having a family come true. Until we generate enough funds to distribute and make a difference, we will hold back that application from availability. To help us be able to make a difference to those like you looking to apply, please help us generate awareness for surrogacy as a cause; anything you can do to encourage donations will help us grow and help create families and dreams come true.

When Will the First Distribution Be?

The goal of the Bairn Foundation is to provide funding assistance to prospective parents in 2017, however this will depend on the success of our fund raising efforts. It may be a slow road to grow our humble, passion driven foundation, but we truly believe in the cause and that it will generate help for those seeking surrogacy.  

Sign Up for Application Availability

Interested in applying for the Surrogacy Fund™ financial assistance program? Click here to sign up to be notified as soon as the application becomes available. Please make sure you add a comment that you would like to be notified when the application for the fund becomes available. 

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